The Color of Your Diamond and What It Means

So you know the exact cut, clarity and carat weight of the diamond of your dreams, but now it’s time to decide on one final detail: The color! It is important that you are aware that the hue you decide on can strongly determine the value of your diamond and its overall attainability. While it’s important to be 100% satisfied with the diamond of your choice, it is also important to understand how rare some diamonds can be. While some people prefer to stick with a classic clear diamond, others prefer to show off their personality and choose a fancy colored diamond. Today, we will explore the vast differences between the two, in order to help you make an educated decision about the type of jewel you choose to rock on your most important finger.


When GIA rates a precious stone they use a scale that ranges from D-Z to depict its color grade. It is important to note that the most valuable diamonds actually possess no color at all! It is extremely difficult to find a completely clear stone in nature, however, the closer it gets to being completely see-through, the more value it obtains. So when we speak about diamonds in regards to color we are actually speaking of the lack of color it possesses. GIA has what they call a set of “Master Stones” which gets compared to new stones when deciding what category to place them in. Diamond inspections are conducted by GIA diamond specialists and are extremely difficult to determine with an untrained eye. If a stone starts to stray away from that perfect crystal-clear color grade and starts to attain more of a yellowish/brown hue the stone is then given a rating that is closer to Z.  


So what’s the deal with diamonds of different colors? Like red, green, or even purple? These diamonds are called fancy colored diamonds and have a totally different scale of color grading that ranges from faint, light, fancy intense, fancy vivid, fancy deep etc. However, we will discuss the method of categorizing fancy colored diamonds in a totally separate blog as they tend to have a mind of their own. But for now, some important details to keep in mind are that red diamonds are the rarest of all diamonds, followed closely by blue and then, of course, pink. So unless you’re looking to spend more on your diamond then your actual wedding and honeymoon put together, it’s important to know which diamond fits into your overall budget.


Year after year, diamonds of all color spectrums are chosen by brides-to-be, to be worn for the rest of their lives; in sickness and in health.The most popular of them all being the clear-colored diamond for its beautiful simplicity. So don’t get too caught up trying to impress your friends and family with an extravagant choice. In a way, the diamond chooses you, and trust us, when you see it, you’ll know.


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